Crazybulk Bulking Stack

Bulking Stack ReviewsCrazy Bulk is a rapidly growing supplements manufacturer.

It may not be among the big three or big five manufacturers of fitness supplements but it is also right up there.

The company makes some powerful bulking products.

The products are very powerful and are rapidly gaining popularity on the market.

In this review, we will share with you all we know about Crazy Bulk bulking products including their ingredients.

In the last section of the review, we will tell you whether we recommend them or not.

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Why Buy Crazy Bulk Bulking Supplements

  • They are known to provide fast results.
  • They are known to bring about significant muscle development.
  • They are known to have no severe side effects.
  • They are legal to use and made in a pharmaceutical-grade environment.
  • They are free to ship to wherever you are in the world.

Why You May Not Need To Consider Them

  • They are somewhat more costly than normal bulking supplements.

Some Facts to Consider…

Crazy Bulk makes four bulking supplements.

The supplements are Testo Max, Trenorol, D-Bal, and Decaduro.

According to the company, these four supplements are the supplements to take for anyone who wants to get massive and to gain great strength.

We are aware of some of our friends who have used these supplements and gotten really massive. We are also aware of guys who have gained good lean muscle mass and strength thanks to these supplements.

So we know that Crazy Bulk bulking products work.

But how do they work?

This is the million-dollar question that we will seek to answer below.

How the Individual Supplement Work

Testo Max

Testo MaxThis is perhaps the most powerful Crazy Bulk bulking product.

It is made from two key ingredients: Tribulus Terrestris and ginseng.

These two ingredients are natural testosterone boosters.

By boosting testosterone in the body, they increase muscle mass because testosterone is known to boost male features such as muscles and their size.

Testo Max also has D-Aspartic Acid as an ingredient. This ingredient is a known Growth Hormone booster. And an increase in Growth Hormone almost always results in an increase in muscle mass.


Trenorol CrazybulkThis is also a powerful Crazy Bulk bulking supplement. It has ingredients that can help one to bulk like crazy. The key ingredients in it include Beta-Sitosterol, Nettle Leaf Extract, and Pepsin.

Beta-sitosterol is a testosterone booster. Nettle Leaf Extract is also a testosterone booster. Pepsin is also a testosterone booster same as these other ingredients.

The only difference between Pepsin and these other ingredients is the fact that it boosts free testosterone indirectly.

It does this by breaking protein (it is essentially a protein-breaking enzyme), a process which is responded to by building extra muscles.

There is not much research supporting the efficacy of Beta-sitosterol and Nettle Leaf Extract as testosterone boosters.

However, the fact that this supplement works brilliantly cannot be attributed to Pepsin alone. So the combination of ingredients in this supplement definitely helps with bulking.


Crazybulk DBALOf the many several bulking supplements made by Crazy Bulk, perhaps the craziest or most potent of them all is this one.

D Bal is a natural bulking supplement that has got ingredients capable of increasing muscle size and strength quickly.

The ingredients are Isoleucine, Leucine, and Tribulus Terrestris. Isoleucine and Leucine are both amino acids.

The former is known for boosting lean muscle growth, while the latter is known for triggering protein synthesis. Together, these amino acids can help you record serious gains pretty quickly.

The work of Tribulus Terrestris us as explained previously.


DecaduroDecaduro is also a pretty decent bulking supplement like the ones described above.

It has got three key ingredients: Wild yam root, Ginseng, and L-Arginine.

We have explained the work of the first two ingredients.

The third ingredient, L-Arginine, is a growth hormone booster. It triggers faster muscle growth because of this.

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How the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack Works

Skinny to Big Muscle Guy

As you may have noticed from the section above, most of the bulking supplements Crazy Bulk makes have kind of the same ingredients.

This is logical, obviously, because it is the same company making all the products so it is only natural that they will use the ingredients they have found to be effective.

However, the use of kind of the same ingredients ensures that when the products are used as a stack, the effects of the ingredients will combine resulting in a better gain in size and strength than if the bulking products were used individually.

The total effects of using the above four supplements are:

  • Increase in testosterone levels and related benefits.
  • Increase in muscle mass.
  • Increase in strength.
  • Accelerated recovery.

Who Should Buy Crazy Bulk Bulking Products

Only those who are crazy about bulking should buy this company’s products.

You should also obviously be aware of the general principles of bulking before buying any of these products or the stack. This is because, without this knowledge, all your efforts could result in unremarkable results.

Final Word

D-Bal, Decaduro, Trenorol, and Testo Max from Crazy Bulk are powerful bulking supplements.

They are powerful because they provide good amounts of natural ingredients that can promote bulking and increase strength.

The products are definitely worth trying out based on their effectiveness.

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