Everything You Need to Know About Clenbuterol Gel

Clenbuterol is also available in gel form. This article bares everything you should know about it.

Science of clenbutrolClenbuterol has received a lot of rave reviews from athletes and gym rats who have used it to shed excess body fat while maintaining their lean muscles.

It comes in various forms like liquid, tablet, and gel. While tablet is the most widely available form of Clen, gel is also slowly catching up.

The Clenbuterol gel is called Claire gel and it was originally intended for use as an oral bronchodilator for animals, particularly horses.

In fact, the label of the Clenbuterol gel specifically states that it is for animal use only, because it is not approved by any agency for use in humans.

When you buy Clen in gel form, you will notice that there are instructions for the veterinarian on how to properly administer the gel on the horse.

Since Clenboterol gel Claire gel is in gel form, it is measured out in ml instead of mcg, which is how the tablet form is measured.

One ml of the gel is equivalent to 200 mcg of the tablet form. A bottle of Clen gel steroids usually comes in 230 ml.

Aside from the obvious difference in form, Claire gel steroids are reputed to be easier to source in certain countries like in Australia.

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Dosage Requirement for Beginner Users

The cycles for Clenbuterol bodybuilding remains the same regardless of the form of Clen, whether you’re using Clen tablets or Clen gel.

If you haven’t taken Clen at any time in your life, then you should start with 20mcg on the first day of using the weight loss drug.

Since the recommended dosage is 20mcg on the first day, you’ll need to inject 0.25 ml of it into your mouth and swallow.

The taste can be unbearable for some, so it is advised that you use another drink like an orange juice to serve as a chaser.

Since Clenbuterol gel steroids can cause insomnia it may be wise to take it early in the morning so you would not be sleepless at night.

Other bodybuilders suggest using it past noon, but not later in the evening as it can cause difficulty in falling asleep at night.

There are different ways to take Clenbuterol. One way that works for most neophyte users is the two days on, two days off option.

The starting dosage should be 20mcg for the first day. Some users would try to hike the dosage to 40 mcg for the first week especially if their bodies tolerate the drug.

But if you’re a newbie user, then you should stick with the recommended dosage of 20 mcg unless you want to experience its harmful side effects.

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Dosage Requirement for Experienced Users

As the body adjusts to the use of Clenbuterol gel weight loss, the effectiveness of the drug may eventually taper off. Intermediate to experienced users thus increase their dosage to as much as 140 mcg a day.

For female users, their recommended maximum dosage should be 80 mcg as long as they have enough experience in taking this powerful weight loss drug.

Experienced bodybuilders also stack Clen with other drugs like Cytomel to get the most out of the former’s fat burning effects.

Commonly referred to as cutting cycles, these are usually done before a competition with the end goal of giving a lean and vascular look to the user.

Clen is also stacked with other anabolic steroids to maintain their ideal weight while they put on more muscles.

Like in the case of most anabolic steroids, there is little scientific research on how effective or safe Clen is when stacked with other steroids, or how it works to keep the weight down while promoting muscle growth.

These bodybuilders are also very much aware of the side effects of Clenbuterol such as painful muscle cramps, so they’ve come up with ways on how to prevent these from happening.

One is to take taurine supplements and drinking more water than usual to make up for the excessive sweating that can happen during a Clen cycle.

Clen gel steroids have definitely been getting a lot of rave reviews from gym rats. Make sure that you understand the risks and benefits of using this drug before you buy Clenbuterol gel.

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