Anavar for Women

Anavar for WomenAlso known as oxandrolone, Anavar is one of the most commonly used oral steroids among women.

The primary reason behind its popularity is simply its potency accompanied by its mild nature.

It has proven to be remarkably effective for women trying to get rid of excessive body fat and get a lean body.

Unlike most other anabolic steroids, Anavar does not harm the user’s femininity.

Its mild nature allows it to protect your feminine traits whilst offering the desired results. Simply put, it is a female-friendly steroid.

Is Anavar really good for women?

You may be wondering the secret behind the well-toned and amazing bodies that ladies are flaunting all over the internet, and even the beach during summer.  Well, the answer is simple; they are using Anavar!

Also nicknamed the “girl steroid”, Anavar plays an active role in helping women to burn excess body fat. This is precisely why those women you admire online have incredibly attractive physiques.

In addition, it also strengthens the body’s muscles to provide that appealing toned and firm look.

And the best part is that Anavar achieves all these for females with an unbelievably small dose. When combined with proper training and a healthy diet, it helps ladies achieve desirable outcomes easily and fast.

Virilization (the process whereby a female starts having male traits e.g. a deep voice) might occur, but this rarely happens when using Anavar.

As long as you are sticking to the recommended Anavar dosage for women, then you can you are totally safe. And another great thing about this product is that there is absolutely no need for injections.

Anavar has been specially custom made to assist females to keep fit.

Whereas the main use of steroidal compounds among males is intended to enhance the size of already formed muscles, their intended role in women is totally different.

The bodies of women are made up of a bit of muscle and fats.

What their bodies, therefore, need a mild steroid, which will burn the extra fat whilst retaining the feminine appearance. This is where Anavar steps in to help ladies.

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Why are female bodybuilders “falling in love” with Anavar?

When it comes to steroids, women generally have fewer choices in comparison to men. However, the majority of female steroid users go for Anavar.

Below are some of the top reasons why more women, especially bodybuilders, prefer using Anavar over other steroids:

  • It does not cause virilization
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As mentioned earlier, virilization refers to the process whereby a woman starts having male traits.

Most steroids available on the market have high androgenic ratings.

These steroids are normally considered to be quite effective because of their strong chemical compositions. They, nonetheless, have been found to result in adverse effects, particularly among females.

Some of the harsh masculine side-effects linked with the stronger steroids include; excessive hair growth, a deeper voice, a more pronounced jawline, and a larger clitoris

Most of the women using such steroids have ended up developing these male traits, which subsequently has an impact on their behavior.

Some even suffer from low-esteem issues because they are no longer secure and confident of their bulky bodies.

Luckily, there is Vvar!

It has a very low androgenic rating, which makes it a great choice for women. It does not cause virilization when used in small doses.

  • It does not aromatize

On top of the low androgenic ratings, it does not also aromatize. This means that it will not result in excess estrogen in the user’s body.

High levels of estrogen in the body can lead to water retention, fat gain, and mood swings. However, it does not cause any of these.

You won’t feel or even look bloated. Your moods will also be on point, and you will carry on burning fat to get that lean body you have been longing for.

  • It enhances strength and lean muscle gain

According to numerous product reviews, Anavar incredibly increases strength. The elevated strength levels allow you to train harder in the gym by lifting heavier weights; weights that you could not lift before.

It also ensures that the muscles are kept lean and not bulky. This is very important among females. No woman wants a bulky look!

In addition, Anavar regulates the secretion and production of insulin, which is really vital in the maintenance of a lean body mass.

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  • Improves the body’s metabolism for better fat burning

Getting fat is one thing that any gym enthusiast wouldn’t want to happen.

Apart from threatening your health, getting fat also destroys the body you worked extra hard for. What most people don’t know is that your metabolism plays a role in this.

Consuming Anavar stimulates your body’s metabolism by reducing cortisol levels.

This, in turn, allows you to easily and quickly burn fats and calories.

And one of the top reasons behind Anavar’s popularity amidst women is the fact that it aids with the burning of excess body fat within a short while.

  • It results in a better frame of mind

As stated earlier on, Anavar suppresses the production as well as the secretion of the hormone cortisol.

Not only can this hormone lead to reduced metabolism and general fatigue, but it could also negatively impact your moods.

According to various scientific studies, high levels of cortisol can cause a dip in an individual’s moods. This makes women vulnerable to depression, anxiety, stress, as well as other mental health concerns.

Cortisol, in addition, suppresses an individual’s immune system. This makes you more vulnerable to diseases as well as acne and skin breakouts.

The good thing is that Anavar suppresses the production of this hormone.

It, instead, has the ability to lift your spirits and moods, leaving you in the right mind frame.

This is crucial since the happier you are, the more productive and better you will be in the gym.

  • It does not require any needles

One of the shabby things about the use of steroids is that most of them are administered via injections. This is not just shabby, but dangerous and painful as well.

If the thought of injections gives you chills, then you will be pleased to know that Anavar comes in the form of oral tablets.

You read that right! Anavar is administered through swallowing. This means that taking it is like consuming a regular vitamin supplement.

This is one of the things that makes Anavar quite appealing among women, especially those that do not like the idea of injections.

  • Professional female athletes and bodybuilders recommend it

Who wouldn’t take the advice given by experts!

A lot of professional female bodybuilders and athletes recommend the use of this steroid to any woman looking to burn off fat. When paired with the proper diet and training, you can expect to see desirable results within no time.

  • It is best suited for females

All steroids are basically synthetic versions of the hormone testosterone, and that’s why they are considered to be anabolic.

Anavar is, on the other hand, considered to be the synthetic version of testosterone for females. It’s constituting ingredients and chemical composition makes it totally female-friendly.

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What is the typical Anavar cycle for ladies?

A typical Anavar cycle for women lasts between 4 to 6 weeks, with a break of 10 weeks between every cycle.  Breaking is important, as it gives your body time to recover from a completed cycle.

With regard to the recommended Anavar dosage for women, beginners should stick to a dose of 10 mg daily.

You can then gradually increase your dose to 20 mg daily after your first cycle. Most women do not go past the 20mg daily dose as it at the spectrum’s highest end.

In case you encounter any negative Anavar side effects in the course of your cycle, it is advisable to reduce your dosage or stop consuming the steroid altogether.

Remember, practicing cycles correctly and sticking to the recommended dosages is key in ensuring the Anavar’s success.

Anavar only cycle versus Anavar stacking

Just as stated in the name, an Anavar only cycle involves the exclusive use of Anavar to achieve your fitness goals.

You can, however, also choose to use Anavar together with other supplements (stacking) to meet your goals.

So, which Anavar cycle for women is better? An Anavar only cycle or Anavar stacking. Let us look at the merits and demerits of both.


Anavar is a mild steroid and so women hardly experience any side effects when using it alone.

If you, however, choose to stack it with other cutting supplements such as Winsol or Clenbutrol, you will start experiencing some adverse side effects like possible hair thinning, higher levels of bad cholesterol, and increased aggression.

This is simply because cutting supplements considerably boosts the body’s levels of testosterone, something that Anavar does not do.

Therefore, the main advantage of sticking to an Anavar-only cycle is that you will be escaping any negative side effects.

Such a cycle is perfect for beginners or anyone who does not want to introduce too many harsh compounds into their bodies early on.


By taking Anavar only, you will be minimizing your gains. There’s no doubt that your body would experience more gains if you stacked Anavar with other supplements.

Given that is quite powerful when it comes to burning excess body fat, it would be wise to stack it with cutting supplements.

Note that using Anavar for a bulking cycle would be totally pointless as it is not compound that would help you with significant muscle gain.

The best cutting supplements to stack with Anavar for the purpose of burning fat are Winsol and Clenbutrol.

These are both incredible fat burners and when combined with Anavar… well, be ready to get extra shredded!

Simply put, if you are aiming for good cutting gains, then stick to an Anavar-only cycle. However, if you are aiming for incredible cutting gains, then stack other supplements with Anavar; you will lose twice as much body fat.

And just in case you are a beginner, most cutting supplements are, in fact, okay to combine with Anavar given that they are well tolerated by the body in comparison to most bulking supplements.

Female bodybuilders are advised to stack Clenbutrol with Anavar if they are aiming to burn fat.

These two products are female-friendly as they are both not androgenic, which means that the user will not develop male testosterone levels together with the adverse effects that accompany that.

LDL cholesterol is normally referred to as bad cholesterol as it is responsible for the build-up of fatty acids as well as deposits into blood vessels and arteries.

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7 REAL facts women must STOP using it

  1. Virilization (when taken in large doses)

When Anavar is consumed in doses higher than the recommended, women could experience virilization side effects such as;

  • Excessive growth of body hair
  • Enlargement of the clitoris
  • Development of a deeper voice

Note that if not recognized early enough, the above Anavar side effects could end up being permanent.

  1. Acne breakouts

Similar to most androgenic and anabolic steroids, Anavar stimulates the production of more oil from the skin’s sebaceous glands.

This could lead to an oiler skin or even acne breakouts.

  1. High blood pressure (hypertension)

Anabolic steroids like Anavar could cause the user’s body to preserve sodium, which could result in high blood pressure.

If nothing is done about it, things could get pretty bad.

Prolonged high blood pressure can be quite dangerous and it subsequently leads to stroke, a heart attack, vision loss, and chronic kidney disease just to mention a few.

In fact, if you are already suffering from high blood pressure, it’s advisable to avoid the use of any anabolic steroids.

  1. Increase in bad cholesterol (LDL)

Anavar could cause a decrease in good cholesterol (HDL) whilst increasing bad cholesterol (LDL).

This varies among individuals depending on how the steroid is used. And if you already have issues with high levels of cholesterol, it is better to keep off Anavar.

High levels of bad cholesterol could lead to a stroke or heart attack.

  1. Hair loss

DHT derived steroidal compounds like Anavar can accelerate hair loss among women that are already prone to hair loss. DHT causes the shrinkage of hair follicles and eventually stops hair growth.

  1. Increased risks of liver damage

In comparison to other anabolic steroids, Anavar is quite mild with regards to its chemical composition.

That, however, does not mean that it can’t damage the liver. When large doses are taken for a long duration of time, Anavar could cause some liver damage.

  1. Reduced libido

If you are sexually active, then this could put some strain on your relationship. Anavar has been found to reduce its user’s sex drive, especially women.

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Best alternatives for women

Anavar is a great weight loss steroid.

Unfortunately, anabolic steroids are not a good option for women. Instead, investing in their alternatives is a nice way of getting those incredible results more safely.

In addition, the best part about steroid alternatives is that they are totally legal and that they do not have any undesirable side effects.

That said, you should go for products that have a very good reputation out there.

Two of the most recommended Anavar alternatives are Anvarol and Var-10.


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Anvarol from Crazybulk comes at the top of the list.

It mimics the positive effects of Anavar without causing any negative Anavar side effects to the user.

Anvarol is composed of 100 percent natural ingredients and it has been proven to significantly improve the user’s energy and strength in the gym.

It also stimulates the synthesis of phosphocreatine in the muscle tissues in order to offer ample amounts of energy.

It is an incredible supplement for the cutting cycle; it will assist you to easily lose excess body fat and also gain lean muscle.


Order Anvar alternativeThis is another popular product among female athletes and a great alternative for Anavar.

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Anavar is an anabolic steroid that has been specially designed to help women achieve their fitness goals, fat loss in particular.

Anavar is the most popular steroid among females primarily because of its mildness; the body can tolerate it more when compared to other similar products.

Nonetheless, just like all other steroids, a lot of caution should be exercised with regard to administered doses and the duration of use in order to escape any complications.

The excessive consumption of alcohol should totally be avoided while using this steroid to avoid causing damages to the liver. And in case of any existing medical conditions, remember to consult your doctor before taking Anavar.

All in all, if you are looking to get rid of excess body fat whilst maintaining lean muscle tissue, then this is the product for you.

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